Sjoeby’s litter is born on 18 of July, Sjoeby is the proud mother from 2 beautiful puppies, one male ( black / whit )Milow,  and one female ( whit / chocolade ) Jeslyn




In the summer of 2017 we expect a litter out the combination from Sjoeby “WMK’s Cloud Atlys”, and Jimmy “Bellridges John Carter Of Mars” We have looked at a lot of males for a good match between de male and Sjoeby. Finally we find a male in Germany, Jimmy from Edua from Magpies Castle Kennels. Jimmy is a vers sweet, friendly and open male, he was the male that had everything we where looking for, we are very expect full and enthusiastic about this combination.


They are tested for:

PLL = Primaire Lens Luxatie
PL = Patella Luxatie
DM = Degeneratieve Myelopathie
prcd PRA = Progressieve Retinale Atrofie (PRA )

If you like to have more information about this combination, of you like to be on our waiting list, you can send a massage to :