This is Jeslyn “Too hot to Handle from Born to be Special”. This is the female that we kept out of the combination from  Sjoeby ““WMK’s Cloud Atlys” en Jimmy  “Bellridges John Carter Of Mars”. Jeslyn is born on  18-7-2017.

My wish was always to keep a female from Sjoeby. After a long search and lot of consultation with the breeder of Sjoeby we came to Edua , she had a great beautiful dog that perfectly matched Sjoeby, not only perfect in bloodline but also his great open and sweet character.

On 18-7-2017 The time had come for Sjoeby to give birth, the first pup to be born was a male (Milow) an hour later Jeslyn was born, exactly the girl that  I had in mind. But because Milow was so beautiful and they were only 2 puppies, we soon decided to keep them both

Jeslyn is a very sweet, cheerful lady with a very friendly and open character. Jeslyn is really everybody’s friend and would like to be cuddled by everyone. Jeslyn is very playful, crazy and super fast, especially with her brother, she has a very close bond and they can run around and play with each other. A great sight to watch their game.

Jeslyn is very beautiful and very feminine built, she has a good top line, nice broad skull, good raised ears, and a very nice movement and a good front chest and good angulations. Jeslyn is broadly built, as you often see in the American lines.

Jeslyn is brown / white in color, and in the winter it is a lot lighter in color. A very nice bitch where everyone who gets to know her falls in love with her.