This is Sjoeby “WMK’s Cloud Atlys”a wonderful chocolate /white female. sjoeby has a perfect structure. She is beautiful, elegant and have a excellent movement.

With her beautiful amber eyes, she steals everyone’s heart. Sjoeby has a gorgeous beautiful, sweet character. Sjoeby is outside is very active and loves to run, play with other dogs an humans. Digging is one of her favorite hobbies. But inside the house, she is quiet and Sjoeby is preferably all day at your lap. Sjoeby is very affectionate and very cuddly dog.

The parents of Sjoeby are frequently on Shows where they managed to get their championship titles  over and over again. Sjoeby her mother “Journey”is also grand Champion Flat Racing.

Sjoeby was our first American Hairless Terrier and born on 06-02-2015 in the USA We were looking for something special, after a long search and lot of information we came to Ryan and Karyn Pingel from Woodland Manor Kennel in Florida. ( Ryan is also Vice President of the AKC club, the American Hairless Terrier Club of America ) . they had planning a great combination, so we where very interested to buy a female puppy from them. After many questions, we decided to buy a female from them. Sjoeby was 15 weeks old I went to the USA. to get her and meet Ryan and Karyn.

23-05-2015 It was finally happened. My husband had taken me to the airport for going to the USA. I was staying there for 3 days and I could stay with Ryan and Karyn so I  could build a relationship with Sjoeby before I will bring her home to the Netherlands. After 3 day it was time to go back home. It was a very nice experience, even the airline staff were very friendly, Sjoeby had the whole trip sleeping on my lap.

Finely we arrive at the airport and my husband was already waiting for us. He saw Sjoeby in real life for the first time, and immediately he fell in love with her. We were landing early in the morning so Sjoeby had time to get used to her new surroundings and here new friend Tiësto.

We really like to thank Ryan and Karyn for this opportunity and te trust that they have in us to own Sjoeby. She is really a perfect girl. Also for the very good care and for socializing Sjoeby in the 15 weeks she stays with you. Also thank you that it was possible that I had stayed with you.

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