We are Pierre and Colette and live in the east of the Netherlands. In 2006 we moved from Amersfoort to Bergentheim, we had bought a farm with 15.000 m2 of land. The reason for moving was the dogs, so we can give them more space and freedom for playing outside.

We had for 15 years Shar-pei’s and also breed with them onder the kennel name “Born To Be Special”. After our last Shar-pei was deceased, we wanted a dog again, but a different breed, a breed that was more healthier, smaller and easier, so our search has begun.

For a long search we came to the naked dog, I ( Colette ) was always charmed from the breed the Chinese Crested dog. So our first naked dog was a fact. Tiësto was our fist naked dog, our Chinese Crested male. A gorgeous very sweet en lovely boy with a really great and open character. But that was not all, we  fell in love with the American Hairless Terriër, and yes that was the breed for us. A breed that was healthy, affectionate, active, playful, friendly and love to hug, almost the same as the Chinese Crested only the American Hairless Terriers are barking more.

We had looked at a lot of kennel over the world, we had a lot of question and we have get a lot of information about the breed.  Finally we came to the breeder Ryan and Karyn Pringel from Woodland Manor Kennel in the USA. They expected puppies from a very beautiful and interesting combination. We had a lot of information from them and it felt good, so we had decided to buy a female puppy from them.

It was a gorgeous litter of nine puppies. Every week we get updates how the litter was doing, pictures and movies to see them. We had also a login for the webcame for following the puppies every time we like to see them. Ryan and Karyn also took the puppies everywhere for the socialization, to schools, shopping, car, everything. It was a pleasure that  we can follow the litter on this way.

Finally it was so far 23-5-2015, I could go to the USA to get our puppy Sjoeby. It was for me ( Colette ) also very exciting, I had never flown before, and alone to get our little girl. Ryan and Karyn had offered me to stay with them. I stayed there for three day’s so Sjoeby had the time to know me a little bit better and the same for Ryan an Karyn. The were very hospitable and had take good care of me. I had a great time there, it was great to meet the family and also there lovely American Hairless Terriers.

Sjoeby was staying on my lab the whole way back, and that was feeling great, she was calm and sweet, she loved to be cuddled.  At home she had enough time to adjust to the new situation and of course her new friend Tiësto.

On 3 December 2015 that was the time to get our second American Hairless Terrier “Timeless” We were on the waiting list from a breeder in Germany, Edua. She expected a litter from a very interesting combination where we would like to have a girl from. 7 Ocotober we received the message, the litter was born and there was also girls in the litter. We were kept regular informed how the litter was doing and we also received a lot of pictures.

When Timeless was 8 weeks of age we went to Germany to get Timeless and bring her home. It was a long dive with the car, 6 hours to Germany and also 6 hours back, but is was  worth it. When we arrived and saw Timeless for the first time in real life, she was a sweetheart, and so small. It was very cold outside, so the breeder had some nice clothes for her to wear, we needed to go out some times on our way back, so Timeless had time to do her pee on our long way back. Back home she was quickly accepted bij the other two dogs Tiësto and Sjoeby.

We take the dogs as much as possible with us, we love to have hem with us, whether we are going shopping, or to trade show, event of friends, where we can we take them with us. We are also regularly in the forest with the dogs or some organized walk from people that have American Hairless Terriers.

We will also organize ones a  year a BorntobeSpecial walk, with all the puppies that are born in our kennel.