This is Milow ” New Generation of Born to be Special”. Milow is  out of the combination of  Sjoeby ““WMK’s Cloud Atlys” en Jimmy  “Bellridges John Carter Of Mars”. Milow is born on  18-7-2017.

My wish was always to keep a female when Sjoeby has a her litter. On 18-7-2019 the time had come for Sjoeby to give birth, the first pup that was born was Milow, a beautiful black and white pup . The 2nd puppy that was born was a very beautiful brown / white female (Jeslyn). The litter had only 2 puppies, but 2 beautiful puppies. My husband said right away, well why don’t we keep them both, and very soon the decision was made that we would keep them both. And luckily made the right choice then!

Milow is a very cool looking dog, but appearances are deceiving, Milow is a very soft and very friendly dog ​​in character who can get along well with everyone. He really is everyone’s friend and would like to be hugged by everyone! His best friend is his sister Jeslyn, that is really 8 legs on 1 belly, or while: Jut and Jul.

Milow is a very well built dog, has good angulation, a nice broad skull, a good straight back and a nice movement. Milow is super fast, very spied and nicely wide built like you often see in the American lines

Milow is black and white in color, and really pitch black in the summer. A very nice male dog to see, People who get to know him are not only in love with his appearance more certainly with his very nice friendly and very gentle nature!