Coated Variety
The coated American Hairless Terrier may be solid white, bi-color, tri-color, sable or brindle, but must always have some white, which may be of any size and located anywhere on the dog. The white area may be ticked as long as white predominates. The remaining accepted colors are: black, tan (ranging from dark tan to very light tan and from intense dark mahogany red to light red with black nose and eye rims), chocolate (ranging from dark liver to light chocolate with self-colored nose and eye rims), blue and blue fawn (with self-colored nose and eye rims), apricot (ranging from orange to faded yellow with black nose and eye rims), and lemon (ranging from orange to faded yellow with self-colored nose and eye rims).
Faults (Coated variety): Fawn (pale yellowish tan with self-colored nose), cream (pale yellow to off-white), fallow with black mask (very light yellowish tan with black mask), and silver (the extreme dilution of blue).
Disqualifications (Coated variety): Merle; absence of white; any solid color other than white, albinism.


Black / white – suntanned Black / white – no suntan
White / black – suntanned White / black – no suntan
White / black / tan – suntanned White / black / tan – no suntan
Black / tan / white – suntanned Black / tan / white – no suntan


 Blue/White- Suntanned   Blue / white – no suntan
 White/blue- suntanned White/blue – no suntan
 White/chocolate – suntanned  White/chocolate  – no suntan
Chocolate /white – suntanned  Chocolate/ white – no suntan


White/lemon – suntanned White/lemon – no suntan
White / black sabled red – suntanned White / black sabled red – no suntan
Red/white – suntanned Red/white – no suntan
 White/red – suntanned White/red – no suntan
Pearl/tan/white – suntanned Pearl/tan/white – no suntan
White/apricot – suntanned White/apricot- no suntan