This is Timeless “Calypso from Magpie’s Castle” a gorgeous black -tan white female. Timeless have a beautiful built  body. She is not tall and weighs 6 kilograms. Timeless is a very bigg cuddly girl and likes to give a lot of kisses that she also like to receive. She is very photogenic, has humor, and sometimes she acts like a clown. Timeless is a lady with Temperament.

We have plenty room for the dogs and Timeless likes to use it. Timeless is very fast, loves to run and play with other dogs and people. Outside she can be really active, but inside Timeless lazy and like to spend the whole day lying with you and sleep under a blanket.

  • Timeless her father is: Moon’s Whisper Hodge
  • and her mother is: Candy Genes or Magpie’s Castle

Timeless is our second American Hairless Terrier. Timeless was born on 7-10-2015 in Germany at Edua of “Magpie’s Castle” Because we are always looking for something special, including sparse bloodlines, we got a message from Edua that it expected a very nice combination, whose bloodline is hardly available in Europe. We were interested in a Female, and we were standing on a waiting list. Finely we get a massage that the litter was born. We kept daily contact how the litter was doing, We got every week new pictures how Timeless was doing and developed.

On 3-12-2015 Was the big day and we could pick Timeless up in Germany. It was a  drive from more than 5 hours. But when we arrived we  saw Timeless for the first time and finally we can close Timeless in our arms. The way home she was laying on my lap, She was so so small. What a cutie!!! Fortunately Edua had dressed her thick, as it was very cold outside. During the long drive home, we have to stop regularly for her so she had the time to do a pee. Timeless had weathered the ride. At home she was introduced to her friends Sjoeby and Tiësto, were she was quickly comfortable with .

We like to thank Edua for her good care and the trust that she had in us to own Timeless. Timeless is really a sweetheart

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