The “American Hairless Terrier” is presented here by the kennel of “Born To Be Special”Which is registered with the Raad van Beheer, the organisation in the Netherlands.

Primarily we strive for healthy dogs with great temperanment. We breed according to the standard requirements of the AKC and the UKC. 

Browse in this site so you can detemine how hig the quality and perfection of our kennel is. We import our dogs from different countries to get new bloodlines to the Netherlands.

The pups are provided with a pedigree, which is issued shall be issued by the AKC or UKC. Each pup is provided with a chip, wormed and vaccinated for the first time.  Our dogs are healthy and have a very good, loving and honest character . The will be socialized with other dogs, children and daily activities. The puppies are sold under contract and a healthy guarantee.

Our dogs will not be used previously for breeding, until the dog is at least 24 months of age. This is applies to males and for females .

All our dogs are tested for:
PLL = Primaire Lens Luxatie
PL = Patella Luxatie
prcd PRA = Progressieve Retinale Atrofie (PRA )

Our “American Hairless Terrier”kennel “Born To Be Special” also stnds by its intensive aftercare, support, answering questions and opinions. All our dogs live in our house and are part of our family. They have a very big garden were they can play, run and having fun, so the can also lose there energy